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Our farms grow two strawberry varieties Seascape and Portola

Seascape strawberries are everbearing strawberries, which means they produce their delectable fruit throughout the growing season. The plants bear large, firm, brilliantly red fruit in the spring, summer and fall. According to most Seascape berry info, these strawberries are heat tolerant and disease resistant as well as being prolific producers. Their shallow root systems make them suitable not only for the garden, but for container growing as well.

Portola Strawberry Plant is a strong day-neutral strawberry variety from California.  Fruit is lighter in color than most ever bearers and should be harvested before fully red.  It has good flavor with a large crop.  This variety will perform in warmer climates.


Our farms grow the polka raspberry variety which is a primocane raspberry variety from Poland. The plant is vigorous with a more upright growing habit than other varieties. Berries are large, very firm, and have good flavor. Polka is very productive and the fruit does not darken as much as other varieties. Ripens 7-10 days


Our farms have the blueray blueberries variety with sweet, light blue berries that begin to ripen in early to mid-July, this Northern Highbush cultivar is known as a great type to plant with other highbush types for cross-pollination.

Green foliage turns scarlet in the fall, with a 5-6-foot maximum height and 3 to 4-foot spread.

The mid-season ‘Blueray’ berries are known for being crack resistant, with a strong blueberry flavor and aroma, and firm flesh. This variety is known for overproducing, which means it will naturally set an abundance of fruit that can stress the plant, so it needs to be pruned regularly and carefully.

Sweet Yellow Passion Fruits

Our farms lie in Matuu, Yatta and Diani in the coast. Sweet yellow passion fruit yields more juice than the purple passion fruit. The strength of yellow passion is that it is more tolerant to the most critical disease reducing passion fruit productivity


Our mango farm is in Embu a region called Karurumo. The farm has 2 varieties of mangoes to ensure a constant supply of the mangoes throughout the year.


This cultivar originated from the Kenya coastline, probably around the Malindi area. The fruits are medium to large, almost round in shape and have a rich yellow or orange to red colour when ripe. The Average length measures 9.7cm by 11cm in width, and the weight is 280-580gms. The skin is usually smooth and thin, and the juicy yellow flesh is of excellent flavors and of melting texture virtually free from fiber.

Ngowe Mango

Ngowe is the most easily recognized of the local mango fruits. It is large, oblong and slender with a very prominent hook-like beak at the apex. From pale green, the fruit develops to a most attractive yellow to orange color when ripe. The deep yellow flesh is of excellent quality, virtually free from fibre, melting, and carries no turpentine taste. The average fruit length measures 14 cm with a width of 9.5 cm, and a weight range of 425—600 g (mean: 523 g). 

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