Avoid losses! Add value to your fruits using our factory.

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Our small and flexible production unit here in Nairobi, Kenya can be used to make private label products, also known as bespoke products, for organizations and companies that are seeking a high-quality Fruit Preserves, Jams, Marmalade or Cottage Yogurts under their own branding.

The dedicated private label team at VG Foods Limited work closely with each customer identifying the recipe they wish to use, which may be an existing VG Foods recipe or it could evolve by the development of a recipe idea from the customer. New recipe ideas are tried and tested in the development kitchen, tasted by the customer, adapted if necessary and then finalized. There is a choice of jar and cap, and the team will discuss the personalized label that represents the customer’s brand.

VG Foods Limited has been producing white label products for high-end customers, these organizations and companies appreciate the consistent quality of the products and the trusted advice they receive that ensures that they can be proud of their branded product.

Our aim is to produce own label products that consumers will enjoy and come back for more of them.

Behind your label/Brand could be VG Foods Limited

To express initial interest in any Private Label product please contact: Email: info@vgfoods.co.ke

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