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Inspired by Authentic Kenyan Recipes

Mother Nature's Favourite


VG Food grows and works with small-holder farmers to grow fruits and rare cattle using Permaculture, a conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Essential nutrients

Our products are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins to help boost immunity and healthy building blocks in your bodies. Low sugar fruit preserves with 80% less sugar content compared to existing jams and marmalades in the Kenyan Market

Taylor-made products

The dedicated team at VG Foods Limited work closely with each customer identifying the recipe they wish to use, which may be an existing VG Foods recipe or it could evolve by the development of a recipe idea from the customer

Probiotic Gut Health

“probiotic” translates to “for life,” taken from its Greek and Latin etymology. Probiotics are good, friendly bacteria. They are cultures that have been shown to provide specific health benefits such as supporting gut health and contributing to the maintenance

Why VG Foods

Our farms are designed by an intentional system of agriculture and settlement that aims to reflect the interrelationships and sustainability of natural ecosystems. Permaculture can be seen in contrast to intensive agriculture, which eventually leaves land unfit for farming, gradually reducing the amount of land suitable for human habitation.

Cottage/Batch Manufacturing

Using our traditional fruit preserve recipe and Greek yogurt manufacturing techniques, we manufacture our products in small high-quality batches with the same consistent quality.  To create the perfect home-cooked flavor we put a great deal of care an attention into judging exactly when our products are ready.

Our Products

Our Story


Our journey begun when 3 friends Lilian Mohat, Zakary Njeru and Davis Munene from university came together to set up an investment company to enable them set aside funds for future ventures. The idea was to come up with a project that would grow beyond their lifetime to take care of their future generations. 

Private Label


Avoid Losses low prices for your fruits by adding value  to your produce using our Private label flexible production. Add value to your fruits using our factory and sell as a your brand.